Sri VPS Rao, the Guardian.

VPS Rao, for the last four decades, has been carrying out extensive research on Indian art and culture…… He is among those few who have worked hard in unfolding the history of  Panhkula….  At present Rao is penning all the experience he has gathered so for in his upcoming book….  a value edition to our classical literature…. On the objective of his writing he says it is  to give the right direction to the masses….. His mission is to contribute towards  preservation and development of Indian culture and bring in to  light  remarkable deeds done by great man of the past. ….. Apart form preserving our past, there is a need to spread awareness and understanding of our culture for a bright future. Reporting by  Vivek Gupta of  ‘Panchkula Live’, of  THE HINDUSTAN TIMES; April 16, 2010.

Sri VPS Rao, the Guardian

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