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Adhyatm Sanskriti Ratna to Sri Rao V.P.S

By Tricitynews Reporter

Chandigarh 20th October:- Adhyatm -Sanskriti Ratna to Sri Rao V.P.S. Chandigarh Haryana Press Club organized a state level function at Hisar in which Eminent personalities who contributed significantly in their respected fields were honored. Secretary DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, Ravinder Talwar was the Chief Guest and Vice Chancellor of OPJS University, Churu Prof. Dr. Dalel Singh presided over the function. Sri Rao V.P.S. was honored with Adhyatm sanskriti Ratna Award.

Sanskriti Shiromany Award to Sri. Rao V.P. Singh

Sri Rao Vijay Parakash Singh ji has been awarded the ‘Bharatiya Sanskriti shiromani Samman’ in recognition and appreciation of his selfless contribution to the society in preserving Indian cultural values, traditions and heritage.

The award of honour was presented to Sri Rao V.P Singh at Panchkula ( Haryana, India ) by Dr. Sarita Mehta, President founder ( USA branch) of the Vidya Dham USA ( Regd ), an institution having MOU with the Government of Gujarat. This institution is committed to promote, preserve and advance Indian languages, cultural values, traditions and heritage.

Dr. Sarita Mehta said on the occasion, that the institution felt honoured in honouring Sri Rao Vijay Prakash Singh ji with the Bharatiya Sanskriti shiromani Samman. Sri Rao V.P.Singh, while thanking Dr. Sarita Mehta, appreciated the activities of the Vidya Dham USA.

7. Enlightened Cultured Living

There are countless  categories of living beings ….  who live according to destiny ….  based on  Laws of Nature…. Only human beings can improve destiny ….  Fascinating research done by Rishis for welfare of humanity ….  Two options for human beings to decide the course of their lives. The Media Expression ; August , 2013.

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8. Self- improvement and Advancement

Indo- Aryan Rishis  strived hard  for improvement  and advancement of the human race ….. Their passion for the welfare of mankind resulted in evolution and development of a system known as Sanatana Sanskriti…. covers the entire human life …. from dawn to dusk ….   and from birth to death….  production of unparallel giants.   The Media Expression ; September, 2013.

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Sri VPS Rao’s Book, “In Quest for Cultural Conservation”, a monumental work and a classic for all times :

Some salient features … Unique book with invaluable text and rare illustrations …. Useful for students, teachers, research-scholars as well as general readers…. A fascinating coffee table book…. Proud possession of collectors …. Valuable addition to our cultural and classical literature ….. Evergreen for all times.Sri VPS Rao Birth Day Special Issue of The Media Expression ; October 2013.

For I. Sanskriti - Culture

Cultural Monarch Sri VPS Rao :

Dr. Preeta’s enlightening observations and her experience after coming into contact with Sri Rao. Sri VPS Rao Birth Day Special Issue of The Media Expression ; October 2013.

For X. Enlightened Cultured Livings

Multi-diamentional contributor Sri VPS Rao Birth Day Special Supplement

Special supplement, with enlightening articles containing useful information about multi-dimentional contributor to the cause of Indian culture, Sri VPS Rao and his works. It also contains some salient features of Sri Rao’s forthcoming book, “In Quest For Cultural Conservation” The Media Expression ; October, 2013

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Invaluable wise sayings


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“Om Mahima” by Sri VPS Rao

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