Sri Rao Vijay Prakash Singhji’s brief introduction.

Editor of The ‘Raorshi Rajguru Sri Rao Uttam Singh Prachi Bodh Publications’…. popularly known as Sri V.P.S. Rao…. dedicated to the cause of preservation and propagation of Indian Culture and strengthening the human values  through research – based journalism and enlightening literature….. he has to his credit a large number of publications, written and edited by him…. Connected with many eminent organization,  Sri Rao is a full-fledged institution in himself  with  compassion to guide others also engaged in similar pursuits, writes Inderjit Singh Jodhka, editor . The Matri Shakti, March 8, 2001.

Sri Rao Vijay Prakash Singhji's brief introduction

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