Snaskriti Bodh

Raorshi Uttamsinghji, Grand Oriental Master

Sri Rao Uttamsinghji, an authentic source of history

Great Educationist Raorshi Uttamsinghji

Rao Uttamsinghji of Dadri, a gold-mine of knowledge

Great Patriot Rao Uttamsinghji of Dadri

Raorshi Uttamsinghji, a great promoter of culture

Rajguru Raorshi Uttamsinghji strengthened human values

R.R. Sri Rao Uttamsinghji, great source of inspiration.

Great source of inspiration Raorshi Uttamsinghji

Raorshi Uttamsinghji of Dadri, Symbol of Self-realisation

Prerna Divas — Raorshi Jayanti Parv

Sri Rao Uttam Singh Library opened

Demand for Rajguru Rao Uttamsingh Museum

 Rajguru Raorshi Uttamsinghji as archaeologist

 Raorshi Uttamsinghji, Great Conservator of religion & culture

Sri Rao Uttamsinghji as exponent of Scouting Movement

 Mahakavya, “ Bodh Ke Raees” on Raorshi Uttamsinghji of Dadri

The “ Bodh Ke Raees”  Book-reviews

Sri Rao Uttam Singhji’s book, “Coins of India”

Raorshi Uttamsinghji’s JayantiPrerna Divas – 111 Special Issue

The Raorshi Jayanti Parv — Prerna Divas – 114 Greetings

Prerna Divas – 114 . Review of Sri VPS Rao’s book, “ In Quest for Cultural Conservation ”

Prerna Divas – 114 Greetings

Sri Rao Uttamsinghji and his times  Some pictorial illustrations

  • Some illustrations from the illustrious life and times of R.R. Sri Rao Uttamsinghji. Such as  example is better than precept, similarly illustrations are often more useful than descriptions in words or definitions. Here are some rare historic pictures, which point towards the life and times of Raorshi Rajguru Sri Rao Uttamsinghji in the context of socio-cultural aspects of the contemporary society 

 The Uttamanusmriti (Sanskriti-English). Pre-Prayer in memory of R.R.Sri Rao Uttamsinghji

The Uttamanusmriti (Sanskriti-Hindi). Composed by Dr. Shashi Dhar Sharma, Padmashri

 R.R.Sri Rao Uttamsinghji of Dadri and his predecessors  Ancestors of Sri V.P.S. Rao

The Onward Journey — Some Works of Sri V.P.S. Rao — Select Bibliography.

Sri VPS Rao, a scholar extra-ordinary & prolific author.

Sri VPS Rao, on preservation of History & Culture.

Sri VPS Rao, on continuation of cultural conservation crusade.

Sri VPS Rao, writes for welfare of humanity.

 Sri VPS Rao named Inter-national Women Day as Matri – Shakti Parv, more appropriate in the Indian context.

Sri Rao Vijay Prakash Singhji’s brief introduction.

Sri VPS Rao’s research – contribution, important & useful.

Sri VPS Rao traces postal history of India through post-cards.

Sri VPS Rao discusses 19th and 20th century post – cards depicting history & culture of India.

Sri VPS Rao, born in a historical family, inherited a taste in preservation and propagation of Indian culture form his father, who taught the Princes the history and culture of India. He explains how post-cards and picture- cards reveal various aspects of the history and culture of this country. In the piecture, Sri Rao is seen showing  a picture post-card  depicting  Motilal Gosh, distintive editor of  the famous Indian newspaper Amrit Bazar Patrika, while his grandson Bhavya P.S. Rao shows one  depicting a notable specimen of  architecture. Retorting by the Panchkula Bhaskar ; June 1, 2008.

Sri VPS Rao, an intellectual preserving the glorious past and present of India.

Sri VPS Rao, the Guardian.

Sri VPS Rao is a source of inspiration for all.

Eminent  Sanskriti – Ratna Sri V.P.S. Rao, an institution in himself.

Eminent  Sanskriti – Ratna Sri Rao V.P.S.Birth-day Special Issue of the Chandi Bhumi.

For more information , see “Some works of Sri V.P.S.Rao — Select bibliography for Research Scholars ” and “ in Quest For Cultural Conservation ”, a classic for all times. 

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