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Spirituo- cultural  solutions of  big human problems, Explained by Sri VPS Rao


Performance of religious duties is  important, But if the question of saving the life of a person arises, it should be given priority.

How to Get Ride of Pain

Every karma entails fruits   Sour and sweet. No one can take sweet only and escape  from sour. The choice before human beings is either  both or none. Wise men have preferred the latter. For this, the fruits  of actions need to be offered  to the Almighty. This is the only solution, none else.

 Peace and Happiness

Human beings strive hard throughout their lives and  amass wealth and facilities to get happiness, but do not get true happiness and peace. The only way to get these is detachment.


Health is our birth-right. We were healthy in the  beginning…. but gathered  disease…. The disease, which has crept in , has also  to go…. Ideas on which we think too much start growing and developing in us….. So always think of good health.

Sri VPS Rao on ‘ Guru – Tattva

Remembering   “Sri Hanuman Chalisa”  @ age the of three.

Om Mahima” by Sri VPS Rao

Cultural Themes by Sri VPS Rao —  6. Self

Cultural Themes by Sri V.P.S. Rao – 10. Bhakti-Yoga

Bhakti-Yoga, the Path of Devotion, suits the emotional persons…. they utilize the heart and are whole-heartedly devoted to the love of God …. their love is of the highest kind…. full of ecstasy, sincerity, tranquility, elevating and blissful. The Media Expression ; December, 2013.

Spirituo-Cultural Luminary : Sri Rao V.P.S. of The Brahmana Rao Family of Dadri

Briefly updated information, in Hindi, about Sri Rao and his works , which appeared in the Trycity Weekly of February 2-8, 2015….Luminous scion of the Gaud Brahmana Bharadwaja Rao Family of Dadri, now mostly living in Panchkula…. Sri Rao Vijay Prakash Singhji, popularly known among millions of his readers, as Sri VPS Rao, for his hundreds of valuable works on various aspects of Indian Culture….