A whole-hearted affair : Sri V.P.S. Rao

Research- article by Principal Dr. Vinod Kunar : Many families in India  are proud of the fact that they have sent such and such number of persons to the Indian Army. Like defense, education is also an important profession. Families, which produce substantial number of dedicated teachers, also undoubtedly contribute substantially towards making the future of the country. Studies carried out on these lines would certainly bring forth interesting results. One such attempt has been made by Principal Dr. Vinod Kumar for the Teachers Day ( Gurutsav ) Special Issue of The Media Expression. He has come out with fascinating findings revealing that the Rao Family of Dadri stands out prominent in this field. Dr. V.K.  has discovered that this single family produced more than a dozen teachers in short span of time.


Proper research essential to bring about awakening

Spreading education and culture in rural areas