6. Cultural Themes by Sri VPS Rao — Self

Generally, what we consider “self” is not the real self…. Due to this misconception, we in tangle ourselves into many intricate problems …. It is extremely essential to know the reality …. Two aspects of self …. M outer and inner …. What actually works behind the scene …. How the outer self is governed by the inner self …. most fascinating phenomena. The Media Expression ; July, 2013.


July, 2013




usually, what we consider ‘Self’ is not the real self. It is illusory self. Due to this misconception, we entangle our selves into complex and cumbersome cobwebs containing innumerable intricate problems. It is extremely essential to come out of the illusive complexity and know the reality.

         For this, we have to understand certain basic fundamental principles, which, though well –known to our fore-fathers, have now become obscure  due to modern teaching and training, due to which many of us have become as good as foreigners  in our own mother-land and have lost interest  in some of the most important issues concerning our own lives.

            In this vast vivacious ever changing worldly scenario, only three entities have been considered   as eternal, one of which is the ‘Self’.

         Self is the sole source, medium or means for attainment of all types of objectives—— physical, mental, moral and spiritual. The root of entire knowledge exists in the self. For advancement in any area of activity, the self has to be made use of. It is imperative, therefore, for human beings to understand the nature of self and be fully aware of its reality to make life meaningful, useful and successful.

      There are two aspects of self—— outer and inner. The outer self is made up of the elements of Nature .It has been divided into three parts —– (1)  gross physical, (2)  subtle and (3)  causal. For the gross physical self, knowledge  of physical, chemical, medical and other such related  sciences is required. For the subtle and causal parts of the self, knowledge of the Yogik   sciences is needed.

For physical existence, the human race has progressed progressively, advanced in a variety of areas, developed divergent arts and evolved exuberant

 ways and means for the required upkeep. But, we physical existence does not last long. It is transitory. The physical form appears on the worldly scene for a specific duration, a pre-destined period, after which it disappears. Similarly, the subtle and causal are also transitory.

     What actually works behind the scene is the inner self, which, in fact, is the real self. The inner self assumes numerous outer forms, from time to time, with its own (i.e. the inner) self remaining the same all the time.

       How the outer self is governed by the inner self, is a most fascinating phenomenon.

                                                                          (To be continued in the next issue)


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