Socio-Cultural Fields

Sri Rao Uttamsinghji as exponent of Scouting Movement

Sri VPS Rao named Inter-national Women Day as Matri – Shakti Parv, more appropriate in the Indian context.

Shivani Rao on Prohibition

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Sri V.P.S. Rao on SHY.

Sri V.P.S. Rao on Patiala A hub of human endeavours

Sri V.P.S. Rao on a zealous exponent of Ayurveda, the Indian System of Medicine.

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Compassion for uplift of weaker section of the society

Dr. Indra Rani Rao honored on International  Women Day ( Matri Shakti Parv)

Eminent spirituo – cultural luminary Sri Rao V.P.S. on the need of character-building.