Heritage and Cultural Continuity

Prerna Divas – 114 Greetings

Sri Rao Uttam Singh Library opened

Demand for Rajguru Rao Uttamsingh Museum

Raorshi Uttamsinghji’s JayantiPrerna Divas – 111 Special Issue

The Raorshi Jayanti Parv — Prerna Divas – 114 Greetings

Prerna Divas – 114 . Review of Sri VPS Rao’s book, “ In Quest for Cultural Conservation ”

The Uttamanusmriti (Sanskriti-Hindi). Composed by Dr. Shashi Dhar Sharma, Padmashri

Sri VPS Rao on Historical and Cultural Heritage.


Cultural Continuity through Historical Cultural Dresses

Dressing children in historical and cultural styles not only cultivates in them an interest in history and culture and their own heritage, but also serves as a source of inspiration for them to develop the desirable qualities in them for requisite advancement in future life.


Haryanavi Couple : Shivani and Siddharth Kaushik in traditional -dress

A disgusting distracting taste had developed in the second half of 20th century…. but, now the 21st century is witnessing the revival of traditional cultural dressing styles…. These not only present an aesthetically beautiful scenario, but also adds to the grace of the occasion. The Media Expression ; April, 2014.

Indian Couple

An exceptionally suggestive picture of Sri Rao VPS, giving a message of Sanskriti Bodh : This uniquely suggestive picture of Sri Rao Vijay Prakash Singhji and Dr. Indra Rani symbolizes good many aspects of the Sanatana Sanskriti of Bharata Varsha.

A Great Teacher and Multi – Dimensional Master Sri Rajguru Rao Uttamsinghji

Research – piece by Rajeev Jindal, Secretary of Sangrur Heritage Preservation Society : Sri Rajguru Rao Uttam Singhji was a great educationist, Orientalist, humanist, connoisseur of fine arts, conservator of culture and an ideal human being ….  He not only imparted education on Princes and Princesses, but also those coming from less privileged  homes, who served the country on high positions….  still, more remarkable contributions of Sri Rao lay in conservation of country’s cultural heritage ….