Eminent Sanskriti – Ratna Sri V.P.S. Rao,an institution in himself.

Sri Rao VPS….. during the last four and a half decades, has been devoting him self to the cause of the unique culture of India. ……  has been referred to with gratitude in numerous other publications also, written by other writers….. Sri Rao has covered  a wide range  of areas including literature, numismatics, painting, sculpture, architecture, calligraphy, music, dance and other social arts ,  socio – cultural history of towns and many miscellaneous subjects …..  Sri Rao is a Life Member of the Numismatic Society of  India, Editorial Advisor of the  Chandi Bhumi.  and   The Media Expression, Patron of the S.R.R.R.U. Cultural Awareness Group and Hon. Advisor ( Art & Culture) of the Haryana Academy of  History and Culture….. A prolific other  with varied tastes and a missionary’s zeal, Sri VPS Rao is an institution in himself. …… The Media Expression ; October, 2012.

Eminent  Sanskriti - Ratna Sri V.P.S. Rao

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