Sri Rao inaugurated exhibition of paintings

An exhibition of paintings done by Er. Manmohan Bhatnagar was organized in premises of Maharishi Dayanand Public School Daria, Chandigarh. The exhibition was inaugurated by eminent spirituo- cultural luminary Sri V.P.S. Rao. While throwing light on the art of painting Sri Rao said that painting was an important medium to express one’s feelings and thoughts. Good paintings provide pleasure to viewers for centuries. These not only give happiness and satisfaction to the artist, but also become a source of inspiration and entertainment for other persons.



While examining the paintings displayed in the exhibition, Sri Rao remarked that an artist prepared the paintings according to his ability. The degree of his capability is determined from the degree of success that he achieves in the attainment of his objective. About two hundred paintings were exhibited on the occasion. A large number of persons from various parts of tricity including Advocate Tara Chand, Ajay Gupta, Rajesh Sharma, Charan thakur, Jeevan Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, etc visited the show. Artist Manmohan S. Bhatnagar said that he had been pursuing the hobby of preparing paintings right from his childhood days.

Principal Dr. Vinod Kumar said that organizing such events in particularly in the rural areas infused a spirit of creativity among children, in particular, and the public, in general.

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