The Brahmana Raos of Charkhi Dadri

In view of non-availability of sufficient information about the meanings and usage of the Sanskrit term “Rao” at one place in publications and on internet, eminent Spirituo-Cultural Luminary Sri Guru Sanatana Sanskriti- Ratna Rao Vijay Prakash Singhji dived deep into the issue and threw ample light on it in his works.
Inspired and guided by Sri Rao’s task, educationist, research- scholar and journalist Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma proceeded further and came out with elaborate historical information, which, in concise form, has appeared in the Guru Purnima Special Issue of The Media Expression of June, 2014, under the headline “The Brahmana Raos of Dadri”.
This research-based compendium gives briefly all-round information not only about the term “Rao” and its usages in India and other countries of the world, but also about the terms “Brahmana” and “The Brahmana Raos of Dadri”, which is very useful for scholars, teachers, students and general knowledge of other inquisitive people interested in history and usage of Indian terms.


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