Indian Couple- A unique Royal Cultural Image Of Sri Rao

An exceptionally suggestive picture of Sri Rao VPS, giving a message of Sanskriti Bodh : This uniquely suggestive picture of Sri Rao Vijay Prakash Singhji and Dr. Indra Rani symbolizes good many aspects of the Sanatana Sanskriti of Bharata Varsha.

Concisely, pendulums with Om and Swastik, garlands with rudraksh and sfatik beeds, face of father in kalghi, mangala sutra, idol of Nataraja, a set of four scriptures, dress code, mannerism and all other such things indicate or represent one cultural aspect or another. The whole composition is notable from both subjective and objective points of views.

If viewed from aesthetical, artistical, philosophical, traditional, social, cultural, moral and spiritual angles, this remarkable visual is a master-piece of exceptional significance that gives a message of sanskriti bodh. The Media Expression ; May, 2014.1