Sri VPS Rao is a source of inspiration for all.

Editor of  the ‘Sri Raorsi  Rajguru Rao Uttamsingh Memorial Prachi Bodh Publications’  and  Editor- in – Chief of  The P,H. &  H.P. Consumer News,  Sri Rao…. famous among millions of his readers as ‘ VPS Rao’….  has contributed  extensively towards conservation and development of the unique culture of India……. has enriched many areas of the history and culture….. Strengthen the human values …… dived deep into spiritualism for public welfare……. an experienced editor and eminent Spirituo – Cultural Luminary, Sri Rao VPS is an institution in him self and a rich  source of inspiration for all, rights D.K. Sheetal Nijhawan of  the Chandi Bhumi ;  July 16 – 22, 2012.

Sri VPS Rao is a source of inspiration for all

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